Halo Creative & Design

Today Halo offers a portfolio of brands including Halo Established 1976 and Timothy Oulton, as well as collections by Michael Yeung, Bleu Nature and Free Hand Leather Co.

Renowned for designing innovative handmade luxury furniture, across extensive ranges, offered via a multi-channel global distribution network, Halo Creative and Design has been consistently evolving and expanding across new categories and markets, collaborating with artisans and designers of international recognition for more than 40 years.

Halo Established 1976, named after the founding date of the company, is a rich innovative collection built on an expertise in hand-finished leathers, and combined with distinctive solid timber cabinetry, lighting and accent pieces. The collection is hand-made and encapsulates both classic vintage and modern design, using internationally sourced materials that boast natural character and beauty. It is a stylish and versatile collection that originated in the UK, and has gone on to achieve global distribution with many of the most creative and innovative distributors and retailers of high end furniture worldwide.

Alongside this furniture business, Halo Creative and Design has cultivated the Timothy Oulton brand, named after its founder and creative director Tim Oulton, which today is represented through a global retail network that today comprises 40 stores across the US, UK, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Asia Pacific, with representation in some of the worlds great cities including London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Moscow, and Dubai, among others.

Emerging from a heritage built on antiques, and years of scouring flea markets for unique and relevant pieces, the brand has been built on Tim’s broad experience in the trade, starting in his father’s antique business.

The brand launched globally in 2008, with the first Timothy Oulton store opening in Los Angeles, and features highly innovative designs of daring, authentic hand craftsmanship, made with time honoured techniques, simples tools, and classic pure materials, but each piece is infused with a distinctly modern point of view, resulting in an exciting fresh collection.

Also part of Halo’s diverse offer are collections by Michael Yeung, head of design for the group, featuring highly sculptural, modern and technically complex pieces, and also the Bleu Nature collection, acquired by the Halo group 5 years ago, along with its passion for natural materials that wear the mark of time, adding a unique vein of natural creativity and innovation to the group’s portfolio. Whilst also introducing the newest launched brand Free Hand Leather Co., a collection of leather upholstery that boasts unique and timeless designs ranging from classic to contemporary styles.

Halo Creative and Design also includes Timothy Oulton Studio solutions, working in the conceptualization, design and creation of interior design and construction projects, the latest development of the group offering full experience creation into the domain of hosting and hospitality, and ongoing innovation in materials and design dedicated to the creation of spectacular interior experiences.